About the Sage Team

Our Sage Homes team has been hand selected by the builder to create a culture we are grateful to be a part of. Doug’s vision is to have a team that is creative, personable and knowledgeable to help make your dream home a reality. For your peace of mind, we will be sure to communicate with you throughout the entire process. We have learned through our decades of collective experience, the ability to think outside the box. We look forward to creating a unique and enjoyable experience for each individual buyer. Our biggest goals are creating lifelong relationships, designing the home of your dreams, and having the most pleasant journey possible.

Sage Milestones

Sage Milestones


Sage Homes is Founded

One of the largest developers in the state of Utah approaches owner Doug Jessop to invite his crew to be part of an up-and-coming 25-year master planned community named Rosecrest. Doug accepts the invitation and founds Sage Homes.


Sage Homes Surpasses 50 Closings

Sage Homes surpasses 50 closings, with enough lots in front of them to double that number over the next 18 months.


A Fixed Site for Parade of Homes

Sage Homes puts on a fixed site Parade of Homes that results in over 17,000 people in attendance–the largest crowd in attendance that Salt Lake Parade of Homes had seen in nearly 12 years.

An Interview With the Builder

When did you first start Building?

I started going to work with my dad when I was 7 years old, working on Saturdays and during summer breaks. He was a finish carpenter with a no-nonsense approach to work. He had a drive for getting things done right, even if that meant staying late. My dad taught me how to work hard, pay attention to details and never sacrifice the quality of craftsmanship.

At 12 years old I started working my summers as a clean-up laborer on big apartment complexes and housing developments. This turned into learning many trade skills over the next 9 years, forming large framing crews, working for some of the largest builders in the state of Utah and branching out into California. I spent several years continuing my framing knowledge while living in California and learning stricter building codes and details that I had not seen in my native Utah at the time.  This helped shape my desire and my passion in building a better home for my future clients.

Why was Sage created?

One of the largest developers in the state of Utah asked if we would like to be a part of an up and coming 25-year master planned community named Rosecrest. The Rosecrest planned community was to be built on the far south bench in Salt Lake County in the city of Herriman. I gladly accepted the challenge and the rest is history. We grew from building under 15 homes that first year into 100 plus homes a year.

When did Sage really become Sage?

I had been building custom homes since 1995, but it wasn’t until 1999 that Sage Homes was founded. The name came from inspiration that struck while standing on site of what would be our first phase in the Rosecrest Community. I wanted it to be something special and I was wrestling with different ideas and names to come up with for this new venture. Then it hit me: “Sage.” It was perfect! The roaming hills of the development were covered in oak trees and sage brush and it seemed very fitting. I liked the way “Sage” felt and sounded; it had a nice calm sense about it… And that was the birth of Sage Homes.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the Sage story?

The real reason I wanted to become a home builder.

As a framing contractor working for some of the largest builders in the state of Utah, I learned many things about what works, and what doesn’t work in designing and framing home plans. I would see firsthand what the layouts would be, and I was living and breathing it every day, over and over. This allowed me to realize things about the homebuilding process that could be designed differently and could accommodate a family’s needs better than what I was currently seeing in home plans, processes and the quality of products and craftsmanship.

Being able to visualize what any given home would look and feel like at completion gave us unique insight on what that new homeowner would be left to find frustrating after move in. Things like doorways being too small, doors that swing the wrong way, hallways being too tight, not nearly enough light and windows in the home, garages that were too tight to fit two cars in them, stairways that are way too narrow, poor design layouts for younger families vs empty nester buyers, and the list goes on and on.

Not to mention the poor craftsmanship that we witnessed. It was very evident that trades were not being held to a higher standard. Trades not going the extra mile to do the best job, the cleanest job and just making sure the home stands the integrity test were not happening and that was when I started thinking “Why not me? I think we could build a better home with better layouts and a better process; I could create a standard that would be the norm in building for that newly educated buyer that expects quality and integrity in their new home. I could create a much better, more personalized approach in working with new homeowners, whether it be their first home or their last, we could give that buyer an amazing experience and create new friends along the way.”

And that is where The Red Standard was created.

The Red Standard is our culture here at Sage Homes. It is our everyday way of life, and it is the very essence of holding our team and our trade partners accountable for delivering a product and service in the home building world that our clients can step into and be proud to say, “I live in a Sage Home.”

Building a home is the single largest investment that a family or anyone that desires home ownership will ever make in their entire life, or close to it anyways.

This was inspiring to me, to know how excited people get and seeing the excitement on their faces when that final walk through is complete and they are ready to move into their new Sage Home.